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Key facts:  asbestos surveys and asbestos management plans  

(Adapted from A comprehensive guide to managing asbestos in premises, HSG227, 2002)


  • If you don't manage asbestos-containing materials in your premises, you could be risking the health of your employees, contractors and other visitors.​​

  • An asbestos survey is not always necessary, but asbestos-containing materials must be managed.


  • An inaccurate or incomplete asbestos survey is worse than not carrying out an asbestos survey.

  • Managing asbestos-containing materials means maintaining them in good condition to protect those who may be exposed:

    • during normal occupancy of the building from damaged and deteriorated asbestos-containing materials, and

    • during maintenance and building activity (eg electricians, plumbers, etc).

  • Exposure to asbestos occurs when materials that contain asbestos are disturbed, releasing asbestos fibres that become airborne and are breathed in.


  • An Asbestos Management Plan:

    • is a way of ensuring that employees and others do not disturb any asbestos-containing materials;

    • can take many forms and need not be complex, but it does need to be effective.


  • Asbestos-containing materials in good condition should be left in place and managed.


  • Damaged or deteriorated asbestos-containing materials should be repaired or removed, or isolated until remedial action can be taken.


  • Some work with asbestos requires a licence, but some minor works may be carried out if the correct precautions are taken.

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