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Asbestos management plans

If you already have an asbestos management survey report and an asbestos register in place, what else do you need to do to comply with legislation?  


Regulation 4 of The Control of Asbestos Regulations, 2012, requires the dutyholder to keep the information up to date as part of an ongoing Asbestos Management Plan.

Cardiff Asbestos Services can work with you to develop a bespoke Asbestos Management Plan to ensure that employees and others do not disturb any asbestos-containing materials.  The Asbestos Management Plan will allocate responsibilities for asbestos management, prioritise asbestos management actions and specify suitable control measures including a re-inspection programme for asbestos-containing materials.​

For more information, please contact Cardiff Asbestos Services.​

Cardiff asbestos management plans & asbestos surveys
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